How to tell if your spouse is cheating!

Top 10 ways you can tell your spouse may be cheating in Ohio and why you should hire a private investigator to prove it!Trust image

Cheaters are masterful in their deception, which can prevent suspicions from ever being validated. Hiring a private investigator is one method of discovering infidelity and putting an end to your ruminations. How can you tell if your spouse is cheating?

1. Lost Interest in Sex

One telltale sign of cheating is a partner’s sudden lack of interest in physical intimacy. This can be due to the partner receiving this intimacy elsewhere and also guilt, and the anxiety of passing along STD.

2. Increased Interest in Using Different Sexual Activities

It may seem to be an oxymoron, but just as a lost interest in physical intimacy can serve as a signal that your spouse is cheating, so can an increased appetite for new and different sexual activity

3. An Answer for Everything

If you ask an honest person what they did last weekend they will probably need to pause and think about it. If you ask someone who is lying, their answers will likely come quicker and sound rehearsed.

4. Swearing Up and Down

A person telling the truth won’t feel the need to swear on someone’s grave or a stack of bibles to validate that their response is legitimate.

5. Negativity

A sudden change is mood or wording can be a sign of infidelity. Using words such as “hate”, “worthless”, and “sad” can be indicative of lying. This is once again due to the ache of guilt and anxiety.

6. Change in Appearance

In the initial stages of dating, most people spend extra time ensuring their appearance is at its best in attempts to woo a potential mate. If your spouse has sudden changed their appearance, it could be a sign that they are trying to impress someone else.

7. M.I.A

When a spouse suddenly becomes M.I.A. due to new found “responsibilities” and “work obligations”, it can be a telltale sign of wrongdoing.

8. Secretive with Technology

If a spouse suddenly seems overly private while using a phone or computer, it may be a sign of cheating.

9. Argumentative

A sudden flare in temperament and instigation can be a strategy cheaters use to storm out of the house in order to meet their other partner.

10. Accusations of Cheating

It may seem confounding, but a cheater will often become accusatory toward their spouse. This is due to their new found understanding of the motivations for infidelity, making it easier for them to believe you could be unfaithful as well. Shifting the blame to justify their actions.