Top 10 reasons people hire private investigators in Ohio

Top 10 reasons people hire private investigators in Ohio

Hiring a private investigator is serious business in the state of Ohio. When you decide to put someone else under surveillance, you need to have a good reason or the person you are watching could have you prosecuted under the state’s stalking laws. Just be sure that you hire a licensed private investigator and have a good reason for having someone monitored.

Cheating Spouse

A person who suspects that their spouse is cheating will need good evidence if the situation winds up in divorce court.

Unproductive Employee

Employees who are unsupervised in the field can be a drain on company resources if they are not being productive.

Contractor Fraud

A homeowner who feels that their contractor is not abiding by the agreement the two parties signed will want to collect pictures and data showing contractor fraud.


Bullying is a serious problems in our schools and Ohio parents often hire private investigators to gather evidence of bullying.

Find A Missing Person

Few things cause more anguish than a missing loved one and, instead of waiting for the police to act, some Ohio residents hire private investigators.

Prove A Stalker Case

As long as a private investigator is licensed, then they can provide valuable evidence to help prosecute a dangerous stalker.

Identity Theft Cases

It is not often that a person gets to confront the criminal who stole their identity, but a good private investigator would give a citizen that chance.

Claims Of Sexual Harassment

Proving sexual harassment can finally get the responsible parties to have to face the consequences of their actions.

Small Business Embezzlement

Small business owners in Ohio work hard and the last thing they need is a greedy employee getting away with embezzlement. A good private investigator can put a stop to the financial loss associated with dishonest employees.

Personal Injury Cases

Prior to going to court over a personal injury case, a defendant can use the work of a private investigator to prove the plaintiff is lying.

Private investigators in the state of Ohio can serve many purposes, but the primary goal of any private investigation is to get to the truth.