Why would I hire a Private Investigator in Columbus, Ohio?

The real work of a private investigator bears little resemblance to that which is depicted on television or in the movies. The majority are highly educated professional who provide a valuable service to central Ohio businesses and individuals.

Silvania Investigative Services conducts investigative work in a variety of areas including:

Legal Investigations Divorce and Domestic Corporate Investigations Criminal and Criminal Defense Missing Persons / Heir Investigations Conflict Resolution – Workplace Violence

One of their main services is to provide businesses and landlords with background checks of potential employees and renters. Several central Ohio corporations deal in highly sensitive matters and therefore must make sure that anyone working for the company is of unquestioned integrity. A private investigator can conduct checks of a potential employee or renter’s work history, criminal background and financial dealings in order to determine their suitability for employment or lease.

Businesses can and do use the services of private investigators when there is theft in the work place. A private investigator can determine where theft and loss are taking place, and to provide solutions to prevent additional theft and loss in the future.

One of the thefts where a central Ohio business might utilize a private investigator is to look into possible insurance fraud. Fraudulent disability claims cost the insurance industry millions of dollars annually. A private investigator can check into the validity of insurance claims to determine their legitimacy.

Apart from their value to business owners, private investigators are often used by individuals in infidelity and child custody matters. When one partner suspects the other of adultery, a private investigator is hired to provide proof that an affair has or is taking place. This evidence is used in divorce proceedings to help the injured party to achieve a more substantial financial settlement. Private investigators can also use their resources in tracking down non-custodial parents who may have taken children

As of late, with every city cutting cost by reducing their police presence private investigators now assist in solving crimes once investigated only by local law enforcement. They also assist the falsely accused in making sure justice prevails.

These are just a few ways that a private investigator can help an individual or business owner. It is a job with a varied portfolio and varied experienced professionals. A private investigator’s main duty is to find the truth in order that his or her client can make an informed decision.