Missing Persons

Can a Private Investigator help me track down a missing person?
If an individual becomes missing, most of their family and friends instantly fear a worst-case scenario. Depending upon the situation their first step is to contact the local police department;  but depending upon the age and medical condition of the missing individual local  law enforcement agency may not even take a missing report.


Attempts to locateby family and friends may be helpful but then again may only lead to even more unanswered questions. That’s when you need to consider contacting an experienced private investigator

Ability to search multiple locations:
The average person simply does not have enough time available to travel to various destinations or the knowledge of where an individual have run off or hidden. Anexperienced private investigator has the knowledge to search in a variety of locations. This means that the chances of locating the missing individual increases dramatically.

Networking System
Private Investigators have a very strong networking system. This networking system may be able to provide valuable clues making the entire investigating process a lot faster and more efficient.

An experienced private investigator knows how to be discreet in all situations. They have the equipment to provide their clients with the recorded truth.


Investigative Techniques
Locating the whereabouts ofa missing person is an involved process. A private investigator is specially trained to look for key evidence and taught to extract essential information from key witnesses.
Enter Virtually Any Place
Unlike the local law enforcement agencies; a private investigator has access to a variety of different and unique places that may be pertinent to the investigation and not available to local law enforcement.



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Our investigators are renown in their ability to track down even the most elusive individuals, to find heirs in probate matters and to locate lost family members.