Hilliard, Ohio Private Investigator

Hilliard, Ohio Private Investigator

Silvania Investigative Services is Hilliard Ohio’s full-service investigation company with a track record of delivering first-class investigative results for our clients. Whether you are an individual who has never used the services of a private investigator, or someone in insurance, law or business, we provide both personal and professional services. Our attention to detail and our commitment to obtaining positive professional results on each case we accept differentiates us from other private investigators. We maintain high standards through our experienced investigators. Our agents, many of which are ex-law enforcement professionals, have the experience, resources and pride that provides the best possible outcome for your investigation.

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5171 Northwest Pkwy

Hilliard, OH

(614) 876-2429

Administrative Office 614.334.2140

Community Relations 614.334.2575

Detective Bureau 614.876.2429

Property Room 614.334.2336

Records 614.876.2429

Fax 614.876.1507

Hilliard Police Detective

3800 Municipal Way

Hilliard, OH

(614) 876-7361