Divorce and Domestic Investigations

Divorce and Domestic Investigations

Whether your concerns involve divorce, child custody, or pre-nuptial issues, our investigators are there for you in these most demanding times to provide the evidence that is needed.

Why hire Silvania Investigative Services if you are going through a divorce in Columbus, Ohio?

Divorce causes plenty of stress for all parties involved. Children don’t want their loving homes to fall apart, and the parents no longer have the ability to keep the home running smoothly due to their differences. Many people also experience stress because they may not receive what they are entitled to receive in the divorce process. That’s why people in Columbus, Ohio should hire Silvania Investigative Services.

Finding Hidden Assets

In one final effort to stick it to you, your spouse may try to hide assets that won’t be found during the divorce processes. Silvania Investigative Services can find all the assets so that you’ll get your share when the time comes to divide the assets among the divorced parties. You won’t watch your ex-spouse get away with your hard-earned money without a fight and you’ll also uncover some of their assets that they have hidden from you as well.

Proving Infidelity

It’s not necessary to prove infidelity to get a divorce, but it can strengthen your case. You may be able to require your ex-spouse to pay child support or other payments if you can prove that they have cheated on you. Silvania Investigative Services will search computer records and other sources to find evidence of cheating. Your case will be much stronger once you go before a judge to determine the outcome of the divorce.

Winning a Custody Battle

Divorces often pit parents against each other for the custody of the children. You might have to prove that the other parent has done something dangerous or reckless in order to win a custody battle. Maybe someone from Silvania Investigative Services can witness reckless driving on the way to school or another incident involving dangerous behavior. A judge will look more kindly on your case if you can show that the children would be better off in your care than with your ex-spouse. There has never been a better time to enlist the help of investigators in Columbus, Ohio.

Don’t try to prove your case by yourself when you’re going through a divorce. Place your case in the capable hands of Silvania Investigative Services. You’ll enjoy the results of the hard work without doing any of it yourself. Make your divorce case stronger by utilizing the comprehensive investigative services available to you. The divorce will end in your favor, and you’ll be able to get on with your life.


Our investigators have worked on high profile investigations where securing difficult statements and essential surveillance documentation was pertinent to a successful outcome.