Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Due diligence, employee dishonesty, embezzlement, sexual harassment, employee screening and worker’s compensation investigations can be conducted upon request.

Our investigators are long standing members and officers in the American Society of Industrial Security and are certified in fraud investigations by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Why hire Silvania Investigative Services to handle your corporate investigations in Ohio?

If you happen to run a business in Ohio, there may come a time when you need to have a corporate investigation conducted on some element of your business. Perhaps you have a harassment claim to investigate. Maybe there is a questionable worker’s compensation claim to deal with. Maybe you even have the unenviable situation of having to investigate corporate fraud among your employees. These things are serious, and they demand serious consideration from those in charge. If you happen to be in this situation, then Silvania Investigative Services is the right company to handle that investigation. The following lays out why this is the case.

Experience matters
No organization has more experience handling these investigations than Silvania Investigative Services. Silvania is in the perfect position to handle these issues because the company’s investigators have seen it all before. In the investigative business, experience can help one uncover issues that might have otherwise remained hidden. These investigators know what to look for, and they can call upon their many years of experience when they encounter a situation that might be difficult to decipher.

Experience dealing with a range of issues
Silvania Investigative Services has dealt with a range of different issues. Silvania offers investigative services that focus on embezzlement, employee dishonesty, general fraud, employee screening, and much more. Compared to investigative companies that only offer a couple of services, Silvania handles almost everything that a company could need. This can be very helpful for companies that are looking to streamline their services. If a company is interested in doing so, then it can effectively work with only one investigative outlet.

Saving money in a range of ways
Hiring an investigative company can cost money up front. It is a good investment on the back end, however. When a company hires Silvania to handle an investigation, they will reap a host of rewards. For instance, Silvania can help the company avoid hiring a person who might become disruptive or dishonest later. That helps to keep down the insurance costs of the company, and it helps the company avoid the financial burden that comes when employees steal or harass fellow employees. No company wants to deal with these issues. Silvania is an investigative firm that picks out these issues before they come to fruition, thus helping companies stay on track toward profitability.